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Women's Power Hour

Tune in to The Women's Power Hour Show every Wednesday at 1pm at Somer Valley 97.5 FM

The show's main format is interviews with health & wellbeing experts across a whole spectrum of therapies and services, sharing their stories, how they got into their current roles and how they can help you on your health journey. Be ready for some top tips and quite often, some wonderful giveaways.

And when guests are not joining me in the studio, I share some of my own expertise, inspirations and great music to get you moving!

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Being Your Best You Blog

With a passion for writing, Being Your Best You Blog is the place I share my knowledge, where I go to capture any thought-provoking questions and points of view that may help others. 

The blog has been going since 2010 with many self-help topics & tips. Since 2020, it has been focused on self-care and it's interconnecting focuses.

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Suck It Up Or Change

2017 saw the release of my Amazon best-selling book 'Suck It Up Or Change - If You Want A Better Life You Create It'.

The content of the book outlines the 7 principles I used to change the direction of my life following redundancy and a very stress filled period of my life.

Wrapped around the importance of self-care, it uncovers how, when we fail to look after the seven principles identified (being fit & healthy, being fearless, creating freedom, connection to family & friends, paying-it-forward, having fun & having faith) our health can spiral out of control. 

It's about recognising the spirals and ensuring we put whatever resources we can in place to help us maintain good health. Our health is, after all, our responsibility...

The Big Question Healthy Lifestyle Podcast

Details to follow.

Energy - Vitality - Joyful... Would You Like Some Of This?

Find Out How To Begin Your Ultimate Self-Care Journey To A Happier, Healthier You!

YvonneB's Top 3 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

From Organic Food To Top Of The Range Health Products & An Idyllic Countryside Retreat

  • Riverford Organic Farmers
  • Isagenix
  • Little Norton Mill - the best hideaway retreat in the UK!