The Purpose of Self-Care Coaching

Who needs a coach anyway?

Coaching is a brilliant resource, helping you to gain clarity and solutions for your life, be that personal or professional. What is often missed is the relationship of self-care in the different areas of our lives. Given that most of life's stresses & strains show up and out in how we feel (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually), finding ways to prioritise our self-care is the perfect starting place, focusing on achieving or at the very least, working towards, homeostasis; a state of balanced internal, physical and chemical conditions. When your needs are met, you are in a better state to fulfill your chosen life roles, to make clear decisions, to set healthy boundaries across relationships and thrive, meaning you have the inner capacity to find your joy in family, work, finance, social and community life. In fact, in all areas that matter to you.

What You Need To Know

How the coaching relationship works

  • Everything begins with a FREE no obligation introduction call to find out where you are right now

  • When we agree to work together we set up your agreement and package of sessions

  • You are in charge of booking your coaching sessions with a link to my diary and these can all be booked in before session one

  • You will have access to generic coaching tools as part of this coaching portal

  • Additional 'specific to you' coaching tools will be uploaded to your client area or emailed - whatever works best for you

  • After each coaching session you will receive a session recap to keep things fresh in your mind and for you to hold yourself accountable

  • You will have weekly (weekday) email access to me between coaching calls

  • Packages start from £389 - 3 sessions

In The Words Of My Clients...

“Yvonne has a rare infectious energy that fills me with optimism. My life was very difficult when we met & in a short time, she has been a real catalyst for change. I now know that my future will be brighter! Working collaboratively, in a solution-focused way, we make plans for change & follow up on my progress. It’s so empowering to be held accountable. I treasure our sessions; they feel like clearing out old energies & building better pathways that are true to myself. I leave our sessions filled with momentum & impetus to follow through. I've found my coach & I'm forever thankful"”


Nina Marie

“Yvonne has surpassed all my expectations. I felt comfortable with her as my coach & personal trainer from the moment I met her. She has: 1. Opened my mind & world to new possibilities 2. Supported me through a very difficult period; & 3. Enabled me to transform my lifestyle by encouraging me to make small, incremental changes. I have changed my outlook & my attitude to a healthier lifestyle. Yvonne's positive attitude & gentle ‘boot camp’ approach is an inspiration for healthy living and in my case reclaiming my life as I want to live it" ”

Professional Guide Dog Walker & Speaker

Lisa Fellows

“Yvonne is an excellent coach - she makes time for you to think through an area and come up with a solution and also provides a caring framework to enable you to work within a topic without feeling overwhelmed. She is caring, energetic, passionate about success and can be relied upon 110% to do what she says she will. She motivates, energises and lifts you to a new focus. Her enthusiasm for life and for her clients is amazing, 'live life blissfully' is something she embodies - and she's a fabulous woman to know.”

School Business Manager

Danielle Hughes

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