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As you might be aware, most women find it difficult to put themselves on the top of their to-do list. Michelle Obama said it best during her candid Q&A session at the 25th Anniversary Essence Festival in New Orleans when she stated: 

“Many of us, we have a hard time putting ourselves on our own priority list, let alone at the top of it, and that's what happens when it comes to our health as women. We are so busy giving and doing for others that we almost feel guilty to take that time out for ourselves.” 

She goes on to say that it is time for us to have real conversations to bring out real change… 

How true is that? Because if we continue to behave the way we do and fail to address it, the outcome isn’t favorable for our health or that of those we care about the most. And who wants to keep operating from the old (not so old but incredibly damaging) schools of thought?

YvonneB – Creator of The 3 Circles Self-Care Programme

I created the 3 Circles Self-Care Programme because I was sick & tired of seeing women putting themselves at the bottom (or close to it if at all) of their to do lists in the pursuit of making life easier & better for everyone and everything else. From my own experience I could see where this behaviour was heading and quite frankly, I didn’t want to see more women suffer from a lack of self-care whilst running businesses, building careers, looking after family, keeping home, being the best friend, supporting the local community, just to feel valued. I wanted them to know there are already valued and that, by putting self-first, they could do, achieve and have so much more energy and joy in their lives, not less. We all deserve to have fulfilled lives and to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others. The fact is over-compensating with effort to suit everyone else often leads to exhaustion, resentment and eventually a break down in health (burn-out) as well as relationships. It doesn’t have to be that way! We can look after ourselves and still get all the things done that we want to or have committed to. The 3 Circles Self-Care Programme is all about helping you achieve that so you can experience the power of self-care and role-model it to your children and beyond. A Simple Fact: How you treat yourself shows others how to treat you… Something worth remembering. YvonneB

What Example Are You Setting?

Ask yourself, are your kids appreciating less and expecting more? Have your kids got to a place where they don’t have to think or even ask for you to do ‘stuff’, you simply jump in and do it for them? Do you have older children (late teens into 20s+) still relying on you to drive them, pick them up, cook meals, do their washing… you know, be mum?

You become the constant go to resource for all things they don’t want to do or can’t be asked to do. And that lack of responsibility becomes their norm (even if they are saying thank you) and you just keep on feeding into that, building behaviours that may well impact them in later life.

And is your partner, while appreciative of what you do, unaware of all the things you actually do, so when your health takes a turn for the worst, they are genuinely shocked? “What do you mean she’s over-stressed? How did this happen? She’s always kept the family ticking over, even with her job/business/community work. Why didn’t she say something? I didn’t realise”.

And your parents, whilst your support is required & welcomed, no parent, certainly not one I’ve met, wants to see their child’s health deteriorate faster than their own; no parent wants that level of emotional pain. Are you getting the help & support you need to nurture them and are you communicating what is actually possible or taking on the role of superwoman?

Ultimately, the question is, how are you currently operating and is it sustainable? What will have to give for you to keep serving everyone in every way? Your emotional wellness, your mental health, your physical wellbeing?

There must be a better way of serving others without killing yourself in the process… And a way that sets an example for those in your life. Remember, you will be one of their most influential role models, for the right or wrong reasons.


My life is not nor has it ever been perfect. I don’t do perfect! I do health, authenticity, service, connection, love, kindness and fun as central parts of my life. That’s how I live my life.

Things I love:

  • Being in Nature – walking, sitting, listening, learning from it. Nothing moves me quite like our natural world, whatever the weather, the time of day. It calms me, energises me, and reminds me of how lucky I am. It provides the inner space for gratitude.
  • Reading a Good Book - often self-development but sometimes good light-hearted fun (love Bridget Jones 😊)
  • Writing – exploring the environment, mindset & health with words and photos that come up & through me, instinctively.
  • Being with Loved Ones -  chatting, disagreeing, gaining new perspectives, laughing; feeling part of something so much bigger than me
  • Being a Mother and Grandmother – I mean seriously, how cool is it to have given life and then watch that life give life?
  • Wearing Sports Gear - It makes me feel ready to do something for me, for my self-care (even when it is nothing more than a fashion statement 😊)
  • A Glass of Red Wine with Cheese and Crackers - my go to treat! Yummy…
  • Music Sweet Music – it lifts my spirits, positively impacts my mindset, and sets me free when I dance around the kitchen and front room, much to the amusement of family. And probably why I became a radio presenter along the way.
  • Dogs – had one for most of my childhood & early adulthood but currently without. If ever you want to experience pure unconditional love, bring a dog into your life!

Things I would like to play a role in:

  • Embracing Nature – connecting or reconnecting wonderful women just like you to the healing power of nature, embracing the power we can absorb from its beauty to energise ourselves.
  • The Health of our Nation – the importance of making time for personal health care must become a priority (not in words, in actions) and connecting with nature regardless of where one lives (more open spaces)
  • Injustice in the World in all its Guises – this planet is big enough for all of us to have our basic human needs met. No excuses.

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