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Are you ready to take your self-care to the next level? YvonneB is all about health, fitness & wellbeing for the mind, body & soul, As a growing slice of the population I know how important it is for women my age to have their self-care prioritised. When you are constantly busy and not carving out time for self-care, reaching burnout is often sitting & waiting around the corner. The goal is to make lifestyle upgrades well before that corner appears! The fact is, we are living longer, working later into life and relied on by young & grown up children, grandchildren, partners, ageing parents, work, home, not to mention the community support we often provide. So instead of setting ourselves up for burnout or resigning to the 'that's life' mentality, let's focus on prioritising self-care, ensuring you have the physical & mentally ability, as well as the energy, to fulfill the roles that are aligned to your core values, your purpose, your being... And embrace the natural potency and healing of nature to do so.

A Warm Welcome From YvonneB

Welcome! YvonneB here and I'd like to thank you for visiting my site. I'm an award winning health advocate for women 50+, women who have spent much of their lives focusing on others & not prioritising themselves. Sound familiar? With my 35 years experience in & around the health & fitness industry, I'm here to take you on a journey to prioritised self-care, through Coaching (mindset & habits), Personal Training & Nutrition (from local offline group Nordic Walking to personalised online/offline 1-2-1 functional fitness & nutrition)and connecting more powerfully to nature. I am bringing and sharing all of my experience to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals so please reach out to me any time - I look forward to getting to know you... YvonneB x P.S. In case you are wondering, I do have clients under 50 and I also have some male clients. If we are a good fit, that's what matters most!

Yvonne Bignall

Self-Care Coach & Award Winning Women's Health Advocate

Testimonials: Word On The Street

““Yvonne has surpassed all my expectations. I felt comfortable with her as my coach & personal trainer from the moment I met her. She has: 1. Opened my mind & world to new possibilities 2. Supported me through a very difficult period; & 3. Enabled me to transform my lifestyle by encouraging me to make small, incremental changes. I have changed my outlook & my attitude to a healthier lifestyle. Yvonne's positive attitude & gentle ‘boot camp’ approach is an inspiration for healthy living and in my case reclaiming my life as I want to live it"”

Professional Guide Dog Puppy Walker, Speaker &Voice Over Artist

Lisa Patel - Self-Care Coaching Client

“I wanted to get fit and eat more healthily and thought a PT would help kick-start the changes I wanted to make. I’m pretty good once I get into a routine but getting started can sometimes be a challenge! I read Yvonne’s book, ‘Suck it Up or Change’, and the chapter about our health helped me to realise I would like to make it more of a priority. Within a couple of weeks, I started to feel better and had more energy. And within a relatively short time felt and looked more toned with many friends noticing. Yvonne provided a food diary for completion and the journaling helped me to recognise where and how I could improve. Drinking more water, cutting back on sugar and increasing my fruit and veg helped my overall well-being. My skin looked and felt better too. I’ve even started to see some definition on my abs too, which was part of my goal! A tailor-made routine is way more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ workout and Yvonne gave me the tools to continue developing my workouts on my own. In fact, I’m doing circuits I wouldn’t have even considered before. My sessions helped me de-stress, increase my motivation and my mind-set. Highly recommended!”

PR Consultant, PR The Right Way

Angela Belassie - Personal Training Client

“My Nordic Walking journey started in November 2019. It was a Monday night and whilst I was waiting to be collected from a WW meeting, a group of ladies marched passed with poles in hand wearing head torches. I thought to myself, this is just what I would like to do so I asked the ladies for some details, and that evening I contacted Yvonne and the experience that followed has had a positive impact on my life. In 2013 I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation. Over the next five years, the condition gradually worsened until I had an operation in August 2019. I’ve always considered myself to be a fit and healthy person and enjoyed gym cardiac workouts several times a week. After my operation I was advised by my cardiologist to carry on exercising but to avoid the types of classes that I had once enjoyed. I needed to find a new love and thanks to Yvonne I found Nordic Walking. It gives me the same buzz as the cardiac classes that I once enjoyed. But given the choice I would choose Nordic Walking over any other type of exercise that I have tried. It makes me feel amazing, being outdoors (regardless of weather), is a tremendous way to exercise. It gives you a full-body workout and Mother Nature is a fantastic exercise buddy. You are not only exercising your body but also your mind and I have met some really lovely people, which adds value to the experience. Yvonne always makes you feel relaxed and at ease and her classes cater for all abilities. Once I was advised by my cardiologist to change the way I exercise, I was unsure if I could ever enjoy fitness at the same level again. So now that I have Nordic Walking in my life, the future definitely looks brighter. Thank you, Yvonne. ”

52 Years Young

Denise White - Nordic Walking Client

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